Holiday Gift Campaign

Children feel loss deeply, especially with the death of someone important to them, such as a parent, grandparent, sibling, other family member or friend. Children grieve differently than adults and those struggling with grief are frequently not recognized until they develop problems at school. When identified, Evergreen is able to provide grief counselling in their school or at our office.

Individual counselling and age specific support groups can help bereaved children feel less alone, making the normal feelings of grief less frightening and helping to strategize ways to cope. There are so many children in the community who need support. In 2018, Evergreen counsellors provided bereavement support to 100 children and teens. 

If you are struggling to find a meaningful gift idea for someone special this Thanksgiving and holiday season, consider making a donation to Evergreen in their name or in memory of someone they’ve lost through our new Holiday Gift Campaign.

Your donation will go toward supplying a grieving child with an Evergreen Hospice Children’s Bereavement Package. While you can donate any amount, one complete package is valued at $500.

This package includes:

  • An “Empathy Bear” stuffed animal
  • 6 or more professional counselling sessions
  • Craft supplies

“The tear in my eye is to let you know that I feel your sadness. The heart within my paw represents the love that surrounds you. My tissue is for you, it is filled with compassion.”

 In this donation, you may select the option to have a greeting card emailed to you to be gifted to the person of your choice. You may also select the option to have a hand-made greeting card made by our Living Room clients mailed to you.

Below are some examples of our print-at-home cards:

Here are examples of the hand-made cards our clients make:

If you desire, this can also be made solely as a donation toward a child’s bereavement package, with no gifting/greeting card option selected.


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