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"I felt a sense of community and met a lot of people. There is medication and doctors but there is also keeping your spirits up and finding out what else is happening. Evergreen makes the whole process easier."


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Evergreen provides support to people of all ages coping with the death of a loved one while respecting their culture, faith and language.

The grief process may present peaks and valleys. Our services are designed to provide support, guidance and education.

Individual Support

Our counsellors offer assessment, support and guidance to help clients understand and deal with the grief process. Our specially trained volunteers are available to listen and provide support in the home or community.

Children & Youth

Young people often deal with grief differently than adults and may need different kinds of support and understanding. We can support children and youth in their school or at our offices.

Support Groups

Sharing common experiences can help people heal during their grieving. Support groups are offered to people of all ages in various locations. Some groups are general and some are based on specific experiences, such as the loss of a child or the loss of a spouse. (See 'Bridges of Hope and Circle of Hope' on our calendar)

Monthly Grief Resource Mailings

A tailored package of grief support materials are mailed out on a monthly basis.

Education and Support 

Evergreen offers education and support programs to groups. We offer general information on the grief process as well support to groups of people dealing with the death of a coworker, student, teacher or other similar situations. Seminars on specific topics, such as coping with holidays, are offered to the public.

Creating Memories

Trained volunteers and staff are available to assist people and their families with legacy activities such as the creation of a loving letter, a scrap book, a photo album, or a video recording.

Looking for support for someone with a serious, life-threatening illness? See here.

Palliative Care, Bereavement Support, Caregiver Support & Counseling.