Supportive Services

Evergreen provides support to people of all ages living with a life-threatening illness.

A person with a life-threatening illness may face not only pain, anger and fear, but often the loss of a job, physical mobility, the pleasures of family activities and socialization with friends.

We help our clients maintain dignity and personal choice. Our emphasis is on quality of life.

There is no charge for a wide range of services available to help individuals, family members and caregivers.

In-Home Support

Trained volunteers & professional staff are available to provide social and emotional support in the home or at the bedside. Volunteer matching is tailored to client needs and requests.

The Living Room

A weekly opportunity to meet with other people diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and to take time for oneself. Participate in pleasant conversation, information sessions, expressive art or music and enjoy a meal. Receive complementary therapies or just be in a supportive environment.

Emotional Support

A diagnosis of a life-threatening illness can result in a huge emotional upheaval for people and their families. Our counsellors can work with everyone involved to help them cope.

Seminars and Learning

Evergreen offers the Healthy Living Now seminar series. This series is offered several times per year, in several locations, helping those living with a life-threatening or chronic condition and their caregivers. Topics include managing symptoms, making action plans, reducing stress, healthy eating, physical activity, working with your health care team, and problem solving.

Post seminar programs will be offered on an ongoing basis for attendees. Learn more

C-Care Support Group

A 7-week support group for women experiencing cancer offered several times per year. Help with the emotional and physical impact of having cancer, coping with expectations, intimacy and relationships and other practical concerns. Learn more

Health Care System Navigation

As a partner in the provision of community services, we advocate for our clients, advising them on where to get the services they need.

Creating Memories

Trained volunteers and staff are available to assist people and their families with legacy activities such as the creation of a loving letter, a scrap book, a photo album, or a video recording. Learn more

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