Interested in becoming a volunteer? Please contact Tricia Stanton  for more information:

Email: tstanton@evgcares.org

Phone: 416 499-2185 ext. 107

Evergreen would not exist without the efforts of all our volunteers.  Evergreen is a dynamic organization providing many different programs with minimal staff.  There are almost two hundred volunteers who give time (over 8,000 hours a year!), expertise and passion to Evergreen, either on a consistent weekly basis throughout the year or at a yearly event giving their time in a short block. We need you all!

Volunteers are active in a number of areas:

  • They provide social and emotional supports for clients and their loved ones.
  • They facilitate support groups.
  • They are Board Members who set policy, work on committees and provide direction for the organization.
  • They are office volunteers who provide valuable support for staff and other volunteers by answering the phone, compiling mailings, filing, sorting, calling, delivering, picking up, copying and so much more.
  • They raise funds, doing an outstanding job of gathering the financial resources to fulfill our mission by planning, organizing and managing our special fundraising events such as  our annual themed galas, our Afternoon Tea and the Walk to Remember.  Our event volunteers plan, organize, pick up, lug, set up, carry, arrange, model, haul, take down, move, put away and take back.

All our volunteers enhance their skills though structured learning opportunities and experience, and this allows them to make a difference for hospice families, their own families and in the community.  We build community capacity!

Thank you to our volunteer training sponsors, Beechwood Cemetery, for their support!