Evergreen Hospice

Chief Executive Officer Job Description

About Evergreen Hospice

Supporting Patients, Families, and the Community for over 25 Years

Evergreen Hospice, a registered non-profit charity, is a community-based services organization providing support for patients going through life-threatening illness and the loved ones of those individuals. 

Current Operations

Evergreen provides services within three areas: 

  • Supportive services for individuals facing a life-threatening illness
  • Caregiver support for family members who are caring for these people
  • Grief and bereavement support for those dealing with the loss of a loved one 

Our services are offered to residents of Markham, Stouffville, and Thornhill through referrals from individuals, family, friends, clergy physicians, healthcare professionals, and community agencies. 

We also partnered and work closely with the Evergreen Palliative Physicians, a group of family and palliative physicians who provide in-home palliative care for patients choosing to receive their care at home rather than at a hospital. 

Organizational Focus for the Next 5 Years

Evergreen’s focus for the next 5 years is twofold:

  1. To continue operating, strengthening, and evolving the support services 
  2. To build strategic partnerships with community organizations, governments, and other agencies to reinvent the delivery of hospice care in our community, including the pursuit of building a residential hospice in Markham

About the Position

The Board of Directors is seeking a leader with exceptional leadership, communication, and visioneering skills to join the Evergreen Hospice as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

Chief Executive Officer Primary Role

Reporting to the Evergreen Hospice Board of Directors, the role of the Chief Executive Officer’s is twofold: 

  1. Oversee and manage the staff and volunteers of the Evergreen Hospice as it continues to deliver the community programs that it is known for, and 
  2. Pursue priorities and opportunities as mandated by the Evergreen Board of DIrectors. 

Long-Term Strategic Vision

In 2019, the Evergreen Board of Directors voted in favour of pursuing opportunities to pursue the building of a residential hospice under the direction of Evergreen. The Chief Executive Officer, in addition to overseeing the current operations and programs of the Evergreen Hospice, will have the responsibility to execute that long-term strategic vision to plan, roadmap, and execute on that directive. 

Key Responsibilities

The candidate will be responsible for:

  • Identifying opportunities for growth – Proactively identify opportunities that will help the organization grow and continue its mission to assist patients and families in Markham 
  • Contributing to long-term vision and roadmap – Using expertise, experience, and intuition, contribute to planning that would help the organization adapt to the changing needs of the community
  • Executing strategic initiatives – Help the organization move forward with the evolutionary shift from purely community-based hospice services to providing world-class residential hospice care in Markham
  • Financial Planning – Working with staff and board of directors, develop and manage budgets for present and future needs
  • Community Representation – Liaise with community stakeholders, such as health care groups, hospitals, government, and private citizen groups. Represent the hospice in the best light through public events, speaking engagements, conferences,etc.
  • Collaborative Leadership and Accountability – Works collaboratively with the Board of Directors, provides thoughtful expertise and feedback, and develops strong action plans based on strategic direction

Key Attributes

  • Empathy – The CEO leads by empathy. Empathy for the circumstances of our patients. Empathy for the mental well being of our staff. Empathy for the work our volunteers undertake everyday. 
  • Servant Leadership – The CEO leads by bringing a “how can I help” attitude to those who work within the organization. 
  • Build bridges between communities – The CEO leads in the community, and can rally the community to support the mission, values, and objectives of the organization.
  • Communication – The CEO leads with clear direction to staff and volunteers so they know their objectives and measurements with clarity and purpose.

Key Competencies

  • Strategic Planning – The CEO has had extensive experience in contributing to and executing on long-term strategic plans that will not only maintain the mission, but grow the organization to serve more of those in our community
  • Organizational Transformation and Change – The CEO has had extensive experience in planning and executing transformational change. 
  • Organizational Management – The CEO has had extensive experience in building a cohesive team, training the best talent, and bringing out the best in a group of dedicated staff and volunteers
  • Fundraising – The CEO has had extensive experience in leverage community leaders to raise funds to grow the organization
  • Client Experience – The CEO has had experience with direct patient or client care, and displays a level of empathy and care that’s expected in our service to our clients and community
  • Continuous Learning – THe CEO displays a commitment to continuous learning and a self-awareness on the importance of improving oneself, both in the knowledge and expertise in operating the organization as well as self-improvement. 


  • University degree preferably in business, marketing, and/or health/medical/nursing sciences
  • Management experience in the healthcare or medical sector

Search Committee

The Evergreen Hospice Board of Directors has struck the Search Committee, with the following members:

  • Chair of governance committee
  • Chair of finance committee
  • 2 other board members

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To be considered for the position, please email your cover letter and CV to the chair of the search committee at