Resources for Coping During COVID-19.

Normal grieving outlets such as funerals, rememberance gatherings and even being able to keep a dying loved-one company have been altered by the need for self-isolation. Whether you know someone who is ill from COVID-19 or any other illness during this time, there will be added complications in caring for, supporting, dealing with your anticipatory grief or your grief after the death of someone close to you. Here are some specific resources that may help.

Anticipatory Grief

When you can’t be with a dying family member.

Managing expected death in the home from COVID-19

Ideas for Funerals and Memorials When You Can’t Be Together

Frontline Workers and Caregivers

Emergency Responders: Tips for taking care of yourself

Multiple Caregiver Resources with respect to COVID-19

Ontario Caregiver Organization peer support and resources online

Webinars: The SCALE Program: Support for Caregiver Awareness, Learning & Empowerment

Virtual Family Forum created by Family Councils Ontario

New rules about doing wills and POA

Advance Care Planning (including when COVID-19 is involved)

Resources for Family Caregivers

Psychosocial and Spiritual Support During COVID-19: Webinars

Resources from Behavioural Supports Ontario check the section on Family Care Partner Resources.


Bereavement support for young adults

Coronavirus and the Six Needs of Mourning

Grief and fear after a Covid-19 death: Managing a double trauma

Attending a Funeral During COIVD-19

Grief support systems have been wrecked by COVID-19

Widowed by COVID_19? Check out Soaring Spirits Internation for information and support specific to this pandemic as well for those who are widowed for any reason.

Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre – grief activities for children

Q & A with kids about COVID-19 with Andrea Warnick

General Mental Health 

Practices, resources, and articles for individuals, parents, educators, and health care professionals facing COVID-19.

City of Markham COVID-19 information

COVID-19 Youth Mental Health Resource Hub

Caregiver mental health during COVID-19

How to keep connected during COVID-19

This Pandemic of Grief

Supporting Grieving Children and Teens During the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis

Talking to children about COVID-19 and its impact

Resources from Behavioural Supports Ontario Check the sections on Therapeutic Engagement & Behavioural Supports and Wellness and Wellbeing.

How ‘Anticipatory Grief ‘ May Show Up During the COVID-19 Outbreak

A guide to the COVID-19 pandemic

A trauma psychologist weighs in on the risks of ‘motivational’ pressure during quarantine

Researcher at University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus, Creates Free Online Course to Help Manage Stress During Covid-19

Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic