Lessons from the Grief Journey

Each loss teaches:

  • Patience
  • That all wishes cannot be granted

Grieving teaches perspective

  • Those who overreact to small incidents and losses are usually people who have never experienced catastrophe
  • You can distinguish the trivial worry from significant problems
  • You now respond with greater calmness than before

Grief teaches about the depth and range of feeling

  • Before your loss, you probably didn’t realize the human soul was capable of so many fears, resentments and kinds of sadness

You never imagined you loved so deeply

  • When you grieve you acknowledge all these deep feelings and give yourself over to them


  • It can help you understand others more clearly
  • Helps you see yourself with greater perception

Because grieving offers understanding, it helps you treasure other survivors in the family and among friends

  • Friendships take on new, deeper meanings.

On the Grief Journey, you grow in other important ways

  • You know more about who you are.
  • You have reason to examine your identity and heritage in ways those who have not been bereaved may not. (” Who am I?” “Where are my roots?” “Where am I going?”)
  • You have learned that life will not stretch out without end. Most young people imagine life offers an unlimited span for fulfilment.
  • You know that quality of life is important – that length of life is only one measure.
  • You know it is not too early to set goals for your body and mind.
  • You are aware that the way you live now will help determine how long you will survive.
  • You place a higher value on each day of your life.
  • Today has more meaning because it is all one has. The future is out of reach.
  • Death and loss are terrible, but being part of them shows you that you can confront and overcome difficulties
  • With your courage to meet each day, you have pride and strength, and you have earned respect