Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips

1. Send emails to your friends and family

This may seem like an obvious one, but reaching out to those closest to you is a great way to get started with your fundraiser! Plus, one of the top reasons that individuals don’t donate is simply that they weren’t asked. Be the one to ask and you’ll be surprised how much support you get!

2. Create a fundraising page and share the link on social media

CanadaHelps is a great platform to use where you can set up your own personalized fundraising page, making it easy to share a link far and wide, and for friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to quickly and easily make a donation online – no matter where they are!

Setting up a page is easy – simply visit CanadaHelps, click ‘Create a Fundraiser’, select Evergreen Hospice as your benefitting charity and follow the steps to set up your page. Be sure to add your personal story of why you chose to do this fundraiser, and include personal photos where you can!

Share your page on social media and add the link with a request for donations into your work/personal email signature!

3. Share your ‘Why’

Sharing with people why you chose to fundraise for Evergreen or why you chose to tackle a personal challenge is a great way to help them feel more engaged and understand your passion for the cause.

4. Ask if your employer will match your fundraising

Many employers will be happy to match donations up to a certain level!

5. Set a goal and update sponsors on your progress

Setting a goal can not only be motivating but will help your sponsors in deciding what level of donation to make. Keeping your sponsors updated on your progress will help them feel a part of your challenge/fundraiser and more engaged!