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"I felt a sense of community and met a lot of people. There is medication and doctors but there is also keeping your spirits up and finding out what else is happening. Evergreen makes the whole process easier."


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Grief Is Like A River


My grief is like a river- 

I have to let it flow, 

But I myself determine 

Just where the banks will go. 

Some days the current takes me 

In waves of guilt and pain, 

But there are always quiet pools 

Where I can rest again. 

I crash on rocks of anger- 

My faith seems faint indeed, 

But there are other swimmers 

Who know that what I need 

Are loving hands to hold me 

When the waters are too swift 

And someone kind to listen 

When I just seem to drift. 

Grief's river is a process 

Of relinquishing the past. 

By swimming in Hope's channels 

I'll reach the shore at last.

Cynthia G. Kelley
"The Compassionate Friends"
Cincinnati, OH